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October 10, 2007Purple is the New GreenSource: National Gypsum

Why Gold Bond® Brand XP® Gypsum Board has become the choice for mold and moisture resistance

Even great products sometimes replace themselves with superior technology. The new wet area code change (IRC & IBC) of 2006 has leading gypsum-board manufacturers phasing out a product that no longer performs to today’s ever-rising standards.

Rather than being merely “moisture resistant,” the improved product holds up against long-term, continued water exposure and trapped moisture - which can lead to mold. At National Gypsum, that translates to the color purple. Our green moisture resistant board has evolved into our purple board, or XP® Gypsum Board. Green is gone; XP purple is the new green.

Since June 2006, when you need a moisture resistant board, you should specify XP.

XP Gypsum Board is moisture resistant and provides Xtra Protection, incorporating an antimicrobial that continuously fights the growth of mold and mildew, now and into the future. XP mold resistant technology is an active process that chemically bonds an antimicrobial ingredient into the fibers of the face, core and back paper during the manufacturing process.

XP is ideal in all areas where you may have used moisture resistant board in the past. This could include:

Dry areas: Garages, basements, bonus rooms, classrooms, airport terminals, building corridors or accent walls (any area that may need additional protection against mold).
Intermittent wet areas: Walls around a bathroom sink or toilet, walls in a laundry room, the backsplash in a residential kitchen and possibly additional areas in a commercial kitchen.
Wet areas: We recommend the use of PermaBase® Cement Board for inside tubs or showers, or behind any area in which you are installing tile.
Features of XP include:

Mold and moisture resistant gypsum core panels.
Heavy mold and moisture resistant, 100% recycled purple paper on the face side.
Heavy mold and moisture resistant, 100% recycled paper on the back side.
UL Classified for fire resistance, surface burning characteristics and noncombustibility.
Other advantages of XP include:

No protective gear is required while installing it.
No skim coat is required: Using standard tools, it scores and snaps easily.
No added cost or time: It finishes and decorates just like regular gypsum board.
If your project requires a product with additional features, National Gypsum’s entire family of XP products provides increased mold and mildew resistance. In addition to XP Gypsum Board, this includes:

Hi- Abuse® XP® Gypsum Board
Hi-Impact® XP® Gypsum Board
Shaftliner XP®
SoundBreak™ Gypsum Board
ProForm® XP® Ready Mix
So when you’re looking for the latest and greatest in mold and mildew resistance, look to XP purple - it’s now the new green.

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